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What is T/MC Map?

T/MC uses Google map that visually shows where tutor/mentor programs are located, poorly performing schools, churches, Boundaries of Chicago zip codes, Counties, Chicago communities and District maps. T/MC maps can help any organization or group of people do better planning. A map focuses a group on the needs of every poverty area, not just high profile areas. The T/MC uses its maps as part of public awareness campaign, not just as a planning tool. Its goal is to focus attention on where programs are needed, and to help existing programs connect with each other. We show all the maps under four sub divisions.

• We show Chicago, Chicago counties, Chicago Community areas and Chicago zip code boundaries
  on the map.
• We show failing schools, succeeding schools, Warning list and Closed schools on the map.
• We show different range of poverty areas on the map.
• We show T/MC programs on map by Times of the day , Age group served and by Program type

• We show Baptist, Catholic, Christian, Episcopal, Jewish, Lutheran, Methodist, Nonjuedo, Orthodox,
  Presbyterian churches on the map.
• We show colleges, hospitals and busisness like drugstores, Banks and Insurance on the map

• We show Congressional, House, Senate and Alderman districts on the map

• We show failing schools on the map
• We show Violence, Conference, Collaborations and Request on the map

Find a Tutor/Mentor Program in the Chicago Region

Enter this section and use the search fields to find a tutoring and/or mentoring program near where you live or work. Contact the T/MC to update your data or add a new organization.

Find a program using the Interactive Map

Use the Interactive Map to find programs that offer various forms of tutoring and/or mentoring in your part of Chicago.

Program Links

The Chicago Program LINKS section has links to Chicago tutor/mentor program websites. when a program maintains a web site, the information is much more comprehensive than what T/MC provides in the Program Locator database.

This site contains information about the tutor/mentor programs operating in the chicago region.If you would like help in forming a T/MC for your own city, email tutormentor2@earthlink.net

use the Tutor/Mentor LINKS Library to find other information related to tutoring/mentoring and helping youth living in innercity poverty.

Work on this directory is done primarily by volunteers. If you would like to help,contact tutormentor2@earthlink.net