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Find a Tutor/Mentor Program in the Chicago Region

Enter this section and use the search fields to find a tutoring and/or mentoring program near where you live or work. Contact the T/MC to update your data or add a new organization.

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Use the Interactive Map to find programs that offer various forms of tutoring and/or mentoring in your part of Chicago.

Program Links

The Chicago Program LINKS section has links to Chicago tutor/mentor program websites. when a program maintains a web site, the information is much more comprehensive than what T/MC provides in the Program Locator database.

This site contains information about the tutor/mentor programs operating in the chicago region.If you would like help in forming a T/MC for your own city, email tutormentor2@earthlink.net

use the Tutor/Mentor LINKS Library to find other information related to tutoring/mentoring and helping youth living in innercity poverty.

Work on this directory is done primarily by volunteers. If you would like to help,contact tutormentor2@earthlink.net